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Precision Ceramics Parts

Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) is a new process for preparing ceramic parts developed by combining the polymer injection molding method with the ceramic preparation process. CIM technology is similar to metal injection molding (MIM) technology. They are the main branches of powder injection molding (PIM) technology and are developed based on relatively mature polymer injection molding technology. For mass production of ceramic products with high dimensional accuracy and complex shapes, the use of ceramic powder molding is the most advantageous.

The ceramic injection molding technology is to add thermoplastic resin, thermosetting resin, plasticizer, and anti-friction agent to the ceramic powder to make the ceramic powder into a viscous elastomer, and then inject the heated and mixed chain slurry into the metal mold from the nozzle. Commonly used thermoplastic resins are polyethylene, polystyrene, and polypropylene, and the additional amount is 10%~30%. CIM technology can achieve the appearance that the traditional dry pressing process cannot achieve, and the product can almost not be restricted by appearance.

In Maysea, Manufacturing Process is CIM. Our Material Focus is Metal Ceramic : ZrO2, Al2O3, AlN, SiC, Si3N4, Glass-Ceramics etc.
Secondary Operation Provided on the Ceramic Parts:
a) Centerless Grinding 
b) Precision CNC Machining 
c) Glazing 
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Precision Ceramics from Maysea

Features of our products

  • Applications & Key Materials

Our Precision Ceramic Parts are widely used as:

Semiconductor equipment parts
Semiconductor inspection parts
Laser equipment parts
Vacuum equipment parts
Thin film deposition equipment parts
Linear motor parts
Heat-insulating parts
FPD process equipment parts
Adhesion equipment parts
Positioning parts
Sensor parts
Analysis equipment parts
Ultrasonic generator
Electric-insulating parts…etc

Our Ceramics Material mainly focus on :

ZrO2, Al2O3, AlN, SiC, Si3N4, Glass-Ceramics etc.
Secondary Operation Provided on the Ceramic Parts:
a) Centerless Grinding
b) Precision CNC Machining
c) Glazing 

  • Considerations :

The molding process has the characteristics of a high degree of mechanization and automation, high production efficiency, short molding cycle, and high blank strength, and its process can be precisely controlled by the program, which is easy to achieve large-scale and large-scale production.

It can nearly net shape various small ceramic parts with complex geometric shapes and special requirements, so that the sintered ceramic products do not need to be machined or less processed, thereby reducing the expensive ceramic processing cost.

The formed ceramic products have extremely high dimensional accuracy and surface finish.


  • Production Lot Sizes

We support both High Volume and HMLV business model with competitive prices.

Lot Size Can be 1 pcs to 1000K pcs

Ceramic Injection & Machining Facility

With years of supply experience in industrial market, Maysea could provide Precision Ceramic Parts according to your drawings and specifications.

Our Main Manufacturing Equipment:
Injection Machine: 10 Sets
CNC Machining: 20 Sets
Centerless Grinding: 5 sets

Capability Spectrum of Mayea:
  -Achieving small, highly complex geometries
  -High strength attributes
  -Superior corrosion resistance
  -Complex geometries without machining
  -Excellent surface finish
  -Overall part size and weight reduction
  -Consolidation of multiple components into a single design
  -Reduction of part count and assembly time
  -Cost effective technique for complex designs
  -Ability to produce net or near-net shape parts
  -Stringent tolerance control
  -Low-cost, high and low volume manufacturing runs
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Why Choose Maysea?

Flexible Business Model, Maysea support both High Volume and High Mix Low Volume Business Model. From 1pcs to 100K pcs, we make the parts good and make the delivery fast as expected.
Fast Prototyping Capability, Normally 7 days Lead time for Sample Development . Our project team also provide swift responsiveness on inquiries.
Provide solutions with all Metal or Non-Metal Materials , e.g. Metal: Stainless Steel, Copper & Brass, Aluminum. Non-Metal: Plastics like Peek, POM etc.,
Well-known Branding CNC Machines, Solid Quality Consistency, Reliable QMS, provides Good Quality and Precision Parts in expected Lead times.
Rich experience on secondary treatment of parts, like grinding , Heat treat, anodizing , zinc plating etc., good resources on the up to down industry streams.
Provide Door to Door Logistic Solutions on Sample or Production Orders. 40+ years of international business experience, goods can be shipped to your location within agreed shipping schedule.
Prompt Responsiveness, 24/7 support on inquiries.
RFQ will be quoted within 3 working days .
One-shop stop solution provider, especially when you have complex parts that needs other operations like Grinding, Milling, Anodizing, Heat treat, Assembly etc. Maysea Provides you competitive cost with solid quality .

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