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Die Cutting 

The process of die cutting is much like making cookies using cookie cutters. The material, either in sheet or strip form, is fed into or through a machine where the die or dies are then lowered using force to cut the part's shape. Steel rule dies are the customized tooling used for die cutting rubber. They are razor sharp and are built to last the toughest production requirements.

A die, in simplest terms, is a set of steel blades forming the shape of your cut. The die cutting process starts with the creation of the die. Simple shapes like circles and squares are easy, but if your design needs a unique shape then a new die must be made, which can be costly – since our vendors may not have these unique shapes already in stock. Once the die is ready, it’s positioned on a wood block and installed into the press. The tech will measure out the placement of paper underneath the die and cut a few trial sheets to make sure the shape looks as it is supposed to and that there are no issues with the die. The die is then pressed into the material with heavy pressure making the cut.

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Die Cuttings from Maysea

Features of our products

  • Materials

EPDM Rubber & Sponge
Neoprene Rubber & Sponge
Silicone Rubber & Sponge
Viton® Rubber
Red Rubber
Pure Gum Natural Rubber
Cloth Inserted Rubber
Diaphragm Sheet
Garlock Sheet
Vellumoid (Vegetable Fiber)
Cork, Cork & Rubber
SAE Industrial Felt Product


  • Material Considerations:

When choosing the gasket thickness for compressed materials, remember that thinner is better. Most compressed sheet gasketing sealing values are based on 1/16” thickness. Thicker materials require a greater compressive force to seal and have lower pressure ratings. The use of 1/16” thick gaskets will provide better sealing with lower bolt loading than 1/8” thick gaskets. So thinner is usually not only more cost effective, Thinner works better!

  • Production Lot Sizes

Maysea support both High Volume and HMLV business model, provide competitive prices.

Lot Size Can be 1 pcs to 1000K pcs

Die Cutting Facility

With years of supply experience in industrial market, Maysea could provide precision Rubber Die Cutting according to your drawings and specifications.

We utilize several different methods of die cutting to give our customers options based on volume and part geometry ensuring reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Fast, most cost effective means of cutting relatively thin parts
Cutting capacity is up to 12” x 20”
Faster set-up and increased accuracy wastes less time and materials
Memory storage for quick response to reorders

Works with materials in strip, sheet or roll format
Kiss cut, cut-through or combination applications
Precise tolerances are achieved in both cutting depth and overall part geometry
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Why Choose Maysea?

Flexible Business Model, Maysea support both High Volume and High Mix Low Volume Business Model. From 1pcs to 100K pcs, we make the parts good and make the delivery fast as expected.
Fast Prototyping Capability, Normally 7 days Lead time for Sample Development . Our project team also provide swift responsiveness on inquiries.
Provide solutions with all Metal or Non-Metal Materials , e.g. Metal: Stainless Steel, Copper & Brass, Aluminum. Non-Metal: Plastics like Peek, POM etc.,
Well-known Branding CNC Machines, Solid Quality Consistency, Reliable QMS, provides Good Quality and Precision Parts in expected Lead times.
Rich experience on secondary treatment of parts, like grinding , Heat treat, anodizing , zinc plating etc., good resources on the up to down industry streams.
Provide Door to Door Logistic Solutions on Sample or Production Orders. 40+ years of international business experience, goods can be shipped to your location within agreed shipping schedule.
Prompt Responsiveness, 24/7 support on inquiries.
RFQ will be quoted within 3 working days .
One-shop stop solution provider, especially when you have complex parts that needs other operations like Grinding, Milling, Anodizing, Heat treat, Assembly etc. Maysea Provides you competitive cost with solid quality .

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