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A spring is a device consisting of an elastic but largely rigid material (typically metal) bent or molded into a form (especially a coil) that can return into shape after being compressed or extended. Springs can store energy when compressed. In everyday use the term often refers to coil springs, but there are many different spring designs. Modern springs are typically manufactured from spring steel. An example of a non-metallic spring is the bow, made traditionally of flexible yew wood, which when drawn stores energy to propel an arrow.

Springs are made from a variety of elastic materials, the most common being spring steel. Small springs can be wound from pre-hardened stock, while larger ones are made from annealed steel and hardened after manufacture. Some non-ferrous metals are also used, including phosphor bronze and titanium for parts requiring corrosion resistance, and low-resistance beryllium copper for springs carrying electric current.

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Springs from Maysea

Features of our products

  • Springs Type

Compression spring

Tension/torsion spring

          Wave spring

          Strip bending


  • Materials for Springs:

Carbon steel, alloyed steel and stainless steel based on GB, DIN, ASTM and JIS norm,

Other specified materials by customers.


  • Coating & Plating for Springs:


Zn/Al coating 

Zinc  plating 



Ni coating

Au/Ag coating

Rh coating

  • Production Lot Sizes

Maysea support both High Volume and HMLV business model, provide competitive prices.

Lot Size Can be 1 pcs to 1000K pcs

Maysea Spring Facility

with years of supply experience in industrial market, Maysea could provide precision Spring parts & Assembly according to your drawings and specifications.

Main Materials:
Carbon steel, alloyed steel and stainless steel based on GB, DIN, ASTM and JIS norm.
Other specified materials by customers.

High Precision, better surface roughness. 
Quick Manufacturing process, with enough capacity.
Combined our CNC Machining operations on the casting parts, we can provide high precision and cost competitive solutions.
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Why Choose Maysea?

Flexible Business Model, Maysea support both High Volume and High Mix Low Volume Business Model. From 1pcs to 100K pcs, we make the parts good and make the delivery fast as expected.
Fast Prototyping Capability, Normally 7 days Lead time for Sample Development . Our project team also provide swift responsiveness on inquiries.
Provide solutions with all Metal or Non-Metal Materials , e.g. Metal: Stainless Steel, Copper & Brass, Aluminum. Non-Metal: Plastics like Peek, POM etc.,
Well-known Branding CNC Machines, Solid Quality Consistency, Reliable QMS, provides Good Quality and Precision Parts in expected Lead times.
Rich experience on secondary treatment of parts, like grinding , Heat treat, anodizing , zinc plating etc., good resources on the up to down industry streams.
Provide Door to Door Logistic Solutions on Sample or Production Orders. 40+ years of international business experience, goods can be shipped to your location within agreed shipping schedule.
Prompt Responsiveness, 24/7 support on inquiries.
RFQ will be quoted within 3 working days .
One-shop stop solution provider, especially when you have complex parts that needs other operations like Grinding, Milling, Anodizing, Heat treat, Assembly etc. Maysea Provides you competitive cost with solid quality .

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