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We build products that fulfill your needs. Please reference below information and send us email for any inquiry:

For Any RFQ that you would like to send us for quotation, please include necessary information:                                                               a. 2-D and 3-D Drawings                                                                              b. Annual Forecast/Demand Quantity                                                    c. Required Document(such as Dimensional report, Material certifications, CPK etc.)                                                                                d. Incoterms (such as FOB Shanghai, CIF US port etc.)                      e. Packaging requirements                                                                        f.  Required Manufacturing Process                                                         g. Required Delivery date                                                                      

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!

Stamping Parts

                                               Process: Single Stamping, Progressive Stamping, Deep Drawn Materials: Metal – Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass and Bronze Alloy                                                                                 Stamper or Puncher: 20 tons to 1000 tons                                             Capacity: 100 M pcs per month (30% open capacity)

Precision CNC Machining Parts

                                            Process: Turning, Milling, Drilling etc.                                    Materials: All Metals or even plastics such like PP ,ABS etc.              Capabilities: From 0.01 kgs to 100kgs                                                       Capacity: 500K pcs per month(40% open capacity)

Precision Casting Parts

                                  Process: Investment Casting and Die Casting                                      Investment Casting: Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Materials     Die Casting: Zinc Alloy, Aluminum Alloy Materials.                             Casting Capabilities: From 0.01 kg to 100kgs                                        Capacity: 2000 Tons annually (30% open capacity)                                                                                                                                                        

Assemby Service, Other Manufacturing Process

                                        We also provide Assembly Services, we can build automatic assembly line with job shop very quickly based on customer’s sepcifications, we have experiences of assembling product with 20 to 80 items in BOM.                                                                                 Our JVs can also provide other manufacturing process and qualified secondary treatment such like heat treat and surface treat.

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